How using the LBD planner has changed my life!

I have attempted to use many different journals and diaries each year in the past, however none ever lasted much past January! I had heard of planners, but as I was using my phone more and more to remember appointments and events, I didn't think that I'd need or use one. That is until Leanne from Organising the Four of Us shared more about how she plans, and then that she was releasing the LBD: the Leanne Baker Daily planner! I was in the Project 14 group where she shared on a live chat that her dream was to create her own planner, and the owner of Padtastic was also in the group, and made Leanne's dream a reality! It's an amazing achievement and I not only wanted to support her dream, but I was curious to see how using a planner might help in my everyday life.

I am happy to say, it has actually changed my life for the better!

Here are pics from the inside of the A5 planner -

Each month has 2-page spread which I use to write in appointments, events and birthdays to make sure nothing clashes. Each day I also write in what we did each day, so that at the end of the month I can take a pic and upload it into my monthly photos on my computer - a great way to look back and see what you did!

Each day looks like this, except for the weekend which is half an A5 page each for Saturday and Sunday (with no timed section). I found this cute magnetic car bookmark to mark where I am up to. I have also added in my hydration water stamp down the bottom where I can tick off each glass of water I drink each day.

The List of 3 was created by Leanne as a list of priorities for each day - what you absolutely have to get done, or would like to get done each day. I love that the planner includes this because I have been doing a list of 3 for awhile now.

In the timed section, I put timed appointments, and in the morning, afternoon and evening section I put things that I would like to get done by the time Miss M goes to bed at 12pm (morning), then during and afternoon her  12-2pm sleep (afternoon) and then from about 5pm to bedtime (evening).

The self care section ensures I make time for something for me each day to fill my own cup.

The notes section at the top is just for other random notes for the day.

Each month has this page at the front where you can plan goals for that month in various areas. I use the 'other' section for ideas for this blog.

Each week has this page before it starts, so you can create a meal plan for the week. It has been so handy to have it within the pages of the planner!

I sit down each night once the girls are in bed with my cuppa and plan the next day. This has been such a calming routine, and ensures I am prepared for the next day. Throughout the day I leave my planner either on our desk or on our island bench open to that day's page so I can tick things off as I do them. I have been enjoying using these colourful pens I picked up for only $4 at The Reject Shop on clearance.

Planning each day in my beautiful LBD has made me calmer, and so much more productive. After kids, most mums and dad's would understand 'baby brain' and forgetfulness, but I don't have to worry about that anymore! I love the design, and the quality is amazing, and I love that there are pages and groups on Facebook to give ideas and support me and others in using the planner to it's full potential. The 2017 planners have sold out, but be sure to join the Leanne Baker Daily page to be updated when the 2018 planner will be available. It is worth every cent of the $49.95 it cost, and I'm definitely going to be purchasing one each year. Leanne actually has a competition going at the moment for reader's to submit a design for the cover for one of the 2018 planners! Check out the LBD page for more details.

The planners are available to purchase from the Padtastic site, and there are also shopping lists and notepads which match the 2017 cover designs as well!

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