Packing up our house

We have officially moved house and towns! I have spent the last month and a half packing up our old house, and I'm so glad at least this part of the moving house process is done! I realise the unpacking could possibly be worse than the packing part, but I'm actually excited to 'set up house' again.

I started packing very slowly, as we weren't originally going to move until the April school holidays. It turns out it was very hard for the girls and I to be away from Brendan, who had to begin his new job in our new town as soon as he accepted the position. He's been coming home once during the week, and then for the weekends. It's been a very stressful time - knowing I had to pack up the whole house, putting our house on the market, cleaning up the house for inspections and open houses, and all while trying to keep life as normal as possible for the girls, but not having Brendan around (it's been tough for him too - starting a new job but not having his family around). We decided to remain in our old house to keep it furnished for open houses, plus Miss M was still doing daycare and swimming, and we figured we'd see the term out. Now that we've moved sooner, I'll be travelling back for daycare, library and playgroup until Easter (approx. 3 more weeks).

I began by packing those things that we didn't use on a daily basis - some of our books, our photo albums, party supplies, Christmas items etc. Brendan has a large wagon car and he was able to fill his car and do trips back and forth, so that we didn't have a pile of boxes sitting in our house while we were trying to sell it. Slowly our house became more and more minimalist, and I LOVED it! I know the goal is always to live this way, but it's easier said than done when you have to cull lots and lots of sentimental items. I've also realised just how little you actually need to live (just like when you go away on holidays). I'm hoping when I unpack, that I can cull even further. It has been a lot easier keeping the house tidy (handy for inspections) and I'm finding Miss M is playing with the few toys we've left her a lot more! There's been no negatives at all to culling actually!

In the last week before we did the big move, I spent a Tuesday when Miss M was at daycare packing up everything we definitely weren't going to use that week. Our meal plan helped with that, as I knew exactly what ingredients/utensils/pots & pans etc. that I needed to keep in the kitchen. It was the same with the kids clothes - I just kept out what the kids would wear that week, plus a few extra outfits because kids are so unpredictable!

We were given lots of boxes from family and friends, and I made sure I kept each box roughly to a theme (e.g. kitchen items) and labelled each with specifically what was in there. I'm hoping this makes unpacking easier! It was also much easier to put everything in boxes, as they all stacked nicely, and so far, we haven't broken any fragile items!

My brother drove a truck from my Mum's work with our furniture and large items on the day we moved, and it was the oddest feeling seeing our life packed up, and our house empty. Excitement, relief, sadness... I was glad half the process was done, but very sad to leave our first house!

The house is now all clean and almost empty (just one load to go). Here are some pics of our empty house:

I can't wait to share pics of the unpacking process on my Facebook page, and my pics of our new place once it's all complete!

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