Rainy day fun!

We woke up on Monday morning to the most beautiful rain! It would have been the perfect morning to stay in bed, but the girls were wide awake early, so up we got! It was still so dark, and I decided that today, as it was forecast to rain all day, we would enjoy a day in our pyjamas with some indoor fun!

I had found these Frozen cupcakes on special at Woolies, and so we started with some baking! I love to bake - I have as long as I can remember! I always hoped to instill a love of baking into my kids, and Miss M certainly loves it!

Baking is a perfect rainy day activity. It is also very educational for kids - developing fine motor skills like pouring and stirring, measuring and counting as ingredients go into the bowl, as well as time and temperature when items go into the oven.

These cupcakes came with edible Frozen decorations - so cute!

After we cleaned up, we enjoyed a tea party with our cupcakes!

I had about 6 very ripe bananas to use up, and Brendan had requested some banana bread, so that was next on our activity list. Here's the recipe I used (I typed this up years ago and have no idea of the original author, my apologies!)

Again, Miss M was excited to stir (and clearly taste some of the raw ingredients, woops!)

We love singing the 'mix, mix, mix, mixing' song from Playschool when we bake!

I made a double batch, which actually filled 3 tins! Into the oven they go.

All done about 40 minutes later - I added some choc chips to half the batter (Brendan should enjoy that!)

It was then 9:30am, so Miss M watched Playschool while I cleaned up the kitchen (again lol).

After Playschool, we put together some puzzles...

And then Miss O woke up from her morning sleep, and we all enjoyed playing some music with our percussion instruments!

Then we read some books...

And enjoyed some colouring in...

Before making and having some paper aeroplane races!

Then we did a Science experiment with bicarb soda, vinegar and food colouring - very cool!

Rainy days are always perfect for snuggling up with a movie, and Miss M got to pick, and of course it was Frozen! Lucky it's a great movie!

It was a really fun morning, and both girls seemed to enjoy it! Now for a midday nap!

Other ideas for rainy days or indoor activities could include:


Theatre & Puppets / Putting on a show


Dress-ups / Make Believe

Playing Shops

Make a fort

Making hot chocolates with mini marshmallows and sprinkles

Making popcorn for your movie

Playing hide and seek

Playing board games

Having a treasure hunt

Having a dance party

Writing letters

Camping indoors

Making sock puppets

Face painting

Making homemade pizzas

And when the rain clears, make sure you jump in the puddles!

[Top image from myminiadventurer.com]

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