Making an Easter Cake (and a 29th birthday cake!)

Happy 29th Birthday to me today!
In all the fuss of moving, I hadn't really thought about my birthday this year, plus 29 is obviously not a massive birthday to celebrate (can't wait to do something fun for my 30th next year!) but I always love having a cake made for me (or making one for myself!)
I saw a cute Easter cake on the 'Easter Mums' Facebook group that Nikita Falconer posted, and thought it would be cute to replicate for a combined Easter/birthday cake!

You'll need some Easter eggs, Malteaser chocolate bunnies, some candy flowers (found in the Baking section at the supermarket), some chocolate spider nests (melt a block of cooking chocolate and add 2 tablespoons of peanut butter and a packet of Chang's fried noodles and make nests using silicon patty pan trays - refrigerate until set), some green icing with coconut for grass, and either a baked or store bought cake - my favourite is the Woolies caramel mud cake! To make it a birthday cake I'm adding some bunting from Kmart and a candle.

Ice your cake - I made icing using butter, icing sugar, some milk, a dash of peppermint essence, some green food colouring and some shredded coconut. I didn't measure amounts because that's how I roll with baking! It's great having the coconut added to look like grass because it doesn't matter how rough it looks!

Add your decorations - a chocolate nest with eggs, flowers, eggs and bunnies. At this point you could serve the cake as an Easter cake!

I added the bunting and lit the candle, and it's an Easter-themed birthday cake!

So easy and delicious!! Yum!

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