Toy Storage in the new house

We've had to get creative with our toy storage as our new place is smaller than our last, and we haven't brought our cube units with us. You can read about how we used to store toys here.

In the girl's bedroom, we have a 4-cube IKEA storage unit with fabric boxes. The top two boxes have soft toys, and the bottom has random toys plus dolls items (see pic below). The unit used to be in our Sunroom.

Also in the girl's room is another taller unit (from The Reject Shop) which has puzzles in clear document walls, and books on the bottom, and then all play kitchen items in a tub above.

Above that is a tub for musical instruments. I'll share a blog post on what is in our musical instrument tub soon! The top cubby has nappy and change table items as it is next to the change table in the girl's room - I'll also share the girl's room soon!

At our old place we had nothing in our coffee table drawers, as we bought them just recently and didn't have anything to put in them.

Now we use the 2 drawers for small toy storage using these $2 Kmart pantry containers as dividers. We have cars, animals, small books and Duplo in these ones. At the side is a felt car mat.

In the other side we have random toys, wooden dolls, and small items in containers such as a wooden balancing game from Kmart, a small tea-set, a little bears playground in the old Coon container (this was mine as a child, hence the 20-year old container!), build-a-snowman kit, dominoes and Peppa Pig matching cards. At the side is a wooden fishing game and a Quiet Book.

We also have toys in the black boxes to the left of the couch in the living area.

These have all the 'baby-friendly' toys, so that we can easily grab a toy for Miss O who is 6-months old and putting EVERYTHING in her mouth!

We also have our kids book collection in the living area as well.

I've culled so much since moving, and it feels great!

We have as well (click on each to read each blog):

- a craft box (and playdough tub)

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