Unpacking the new house - Bathroom & Laundry

This is the bathroom in our new house. It has been renovated (compared to the rest of the house) and is quite large. It has brown tiles on the floor, and white on the walls, with a brown feature tile.

I love the massive mirror on the left side of the room, and the double towel rail.

The shower is large, but unfortunately there's no bath for the kids, and this is the only bathroom! It hasn't been too different going from 2 bathrooms to 1, but we are missing the bath. I bought a plastic tub and we have been bathing the kids in that - it works quite well, but it does mean they can't play in it really. Ah well, it's not forever! I've culled their bath toys, and we pack everything back into the tub and leave it in the shower when not in use.

This cube unit was in our Ensuite at the old house, and is handy for toilet paper, feminine products, nail polish, creams, deodorants and jewellery.

The laundry is a lot bigger than our old laundry, but it hasn't been renovated. It does have plenty of storage though! The cupboard up on the wall fits my cleaning products, and the large cupboard has some pantry items in it. The ironing board was here already when we moved in. On top of the cupboards I have some party items, BBQ'ing equipment in a container, tablecloths, our iron and my watering can.

I love having our dryer in here, as it was in our garage at our last house due to lack of space. I would love to do a renovation in this laundry and put a bench in!

We've had to place two of our dining chairs in here as there really isn't enough room in our dining area. I've also repurposed this kitchen trolley as a place for our old towels, plastic bags, bibs, laundry powder and pegs.

I love the broom and mop storage behind the door in here!

Next is the master bedroom, and then the girls room, and I'm done!

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