Unpacking the new house - Entry & Linen cupboard

The entry and linen cupboard are complete!

We have used the hall table from our old place, as well as one of the girls Kmart hat trees. The white boxes under the hall table are for shoes.

This is our entry looking towards the front door. The shoe rack was originally in my built-in cupboard at our old house. The doorway to the left goes into the Master bedroom.

Looking from the front door, you can see into the living area where the fireplace is. I can't wait to have a real fire in Winter!

Our linen cupboard is all unpacked!

I've labelled what we have in our linen cupboard. I also store a spare set of single bed sheets (and 2 pairs of single flannelette sheets), and a spare set of cot sheets in the girls room, and a spare set of Queen bed sheets in our room. Brendan and I only have 2 towels each in a set, as I wash these fairly regularly, and I have the same for the girls. I have really culled our linen cupboard over the years, and it feels good not to have an overflowing linen cupboard!

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