Unpacking the new house - Guest Room

The Guest Room is the next space to be unpacked!

We had to sell the double bed that was in our guest room at our old place as the 3rd room is quite small and more like a sleepout. I had a timber single bed in storage (from when I was in Newcastle for Uni) and so it will work well in here for guests. I have kept the same Queen sized quilt.

The room has a great built-in cupboard, which is perfect for extra storage.

In the left hand cupboard I have, top to bottom, left to right:
 - party items & vases
- cushions
- My Winter jackets (I had lots of hanging space at our old house, and not much here, and even after culling 3 massive bags of clothes, I still can't fit everything into the Master bedroom built-in!)
- Our wedding sentimental items box
- Stationery on the next two shelves
- wrapping paper
- Craft tubs: ribbons, paints, playdough and our busy box (and our big wedding album)
 - laptop case, new chopping boards & a foam roller

In the right hand side I have, from top to bottom:  
- the old curtains that we took down and are storing so that we can put them back up if and when we move from the rental, plus our Christmas tub from Kmart and some photo albums
- more photo albums
- Brendan's books
- Some of Brendan's cycling & music gear (tools etc.) plus our photobooks
- My books
- Brendan's school resources are in the bottom 2 drawers

I love that the room is fully organised, and ready for guests! Hopefully it stays neat and tidy!

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