Unpacking the new house - Kitchen

Welcome to the Kitchen in the new place we are renting in the town we've just moved to!

We are in an old weatherboard place that has a renovated kitchen and bathroom, and has a mix of old and new features.

I love the beautiful big wooden island bench in the middle of the kitchen. I loved the island bench at our old place, as it's so practical for cooking and preparing. I've added two Kmart industrial stools, as I love to be able to sit and use the bench to eat or just wait while something is cooking.

The polished floorboards are a great feature too, and I think the cottage-feel of the timber works well with the fresh white cupboards, light blue splashback and stainless steel appliances. On the benches I have a jar for utensils, my chopping boards (the Thermomix will sit in front when I bring it from my old town), a recipe book holder, a fake plant, a scrap bin, toaster, jug, bottle steriliser, coffee machine, tea/coffee/sugar cannisters, tea holder and the microwave which has my 'perfect prep.' machine for making bottles on top.

Beginning with the cupboard next to the oven, I'll go through what is in each and how I've organised it. This cupboard has all my recipe books. I use my phone a lot for recipes, but still love flicking through books to get inspiration. I print out favourites from the internet and store in my recipe or thermomix A5 folder as shown below.

In the corner cupboard next to the stove is my electric frypan, muffin/cupcake carrier, pyrex dishes, extra fridge water bottles, platters and trays and my slow cooker.

Next to the corner cupboard are 4 drawers - the top is cutlery and knives,

the second drawer are my utensils organised into a $7 Kmart drawer organiser,

the third drawer has my YIAH products and my rolling pin,

and the fourth has tea-towels, hand towels and aprons.

Under the sink has drinkbottles, dishwasher tablets, dishwashing liquid and brushes. The bin and crates to the right were here when we arrived, so I'll just leave them there for now.

It looks like they've kept one original cupboard in here, which is a bit random, but good storage!

It has my teapots, milkshake cups, coffee sachets and coffee pods, and glasses.

In the corner cupboard next to the dishwasher are all our containers and kids utensils, plates, bowls and lunchboxes. I probably need to add some kind of storage solution in here, but surprisingly, I can see and access everything I need to, and we had the same sort of set-up at our old house and it rarely got too messy.

Next is the cups, mugs, plates and bowls.

Underneath the microwave are 3 drawers:

In the top drawer are bin bags, snap-lock bags, cling wrap etc. and my spices - I love these $3 spice racks from Kmart!

The next drawer has napkins, a cheese board, serving boards, thermoservers and rice cooker etc.

The bottom drawer has a spare larger milk frother, cookie cutters, my handheld mixmaster, the jaffle maker and my big tubs of flour and patty pans etc (as these don't fit in the pantry).

The pantry is 2-double door, shallow cupboards which are handy for everyday items, being in the kitchen.

On the left I have my baking essentials in the Kmart containers.

On the right is oils, spreads, biscuits, UHT milk, pasta and cereal.

Under the island bench are more thermoservers, mixing bowls, sandwich press, saucepans and baking items.

I love that my baking trays can now stand upright in these $4 Aldi organisers.

Next to the fridge are our bins, and the doorway you can see goes into the laundry.

I'm so glad the 'heart of the home' is unpacked and organised. I'd like to cull more as time goes on but I'm happy with the set-up at the moment, and love how light and bright this room is! More rooms to come later on!

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