Putting together a musical instrument tub for kids

When Miss M was 1, she received an excellent percussion set from her godparents for Christmas which was from Aldi. It has a tamborine, a xylophone, maracas and bells. We've used it so much since then, and recently I wanted to add to our collection. 

I found these bongos on clearance at Big W for only $5, and found the Wiggles mini keyboard and guitar on a buy, swap and sell site. 

In the pic below, the yellow recorder, blue castanet, red harmonica, cymbals, pink egg shaker, triangle and guiro are all from ebay. I paid between $1 and $5 for each of these, which worked out so much cheaper than any I'd seen in shops. The clapping sticks were made from dowel by my Mum. The sweet pink heart shaped shaker was given to Miss M when she was a baby, the blue whistle is one leftover from teaching, and the cute clown whistle was given to us by another friend. 

I store everything in a tub from The Reject Shop. It can be pulled off the shelf, played with and then chucked back in the tub when we have finished.  

We've been attending 'Mainly Music' and this has sparked the girls love of music and percussion instruments. They have lots of songs where you play along with certain instruments. We also just spend time playing our instruments along to kids songs, or we sing playschool songs such as: 

"Oh we can play on the big bass drum, and this is the way we do it. Boom, boom, boom goes the big bass drum. And that's the way we do it! Oh we can play on the xylophone, and this is the way we do it. Ching, ching, ching goes the xylophone."

We just add our different instruments in as we go. Another one is:

"Here we go, singing in the kitchen, altogether now, singing in the kitchen, everybody singing in the kitchen, banging on the pots and pans!"

We change the room and the instrument as we play! Also:

"Let's play together. Everybody all join in. Let's play together. Everybody all join in, join in, everybody all join in. M plays piano, O's on the xylophone, who's that there, it's Mummy! On the triangle..."

We change the instruments as we sing. 

We also like Justine Clark's CD: I like to sing! 

Why is playing percussion instruments good for kids? 

- increased coordination, motor skills and dexterity
- relieves stress
- promotes sociability 
- enhances mood
- it boosts self esteem 
- it's a confidence builder 
- it can help them connect 
- it fosters creativity 
- enables self-expression and imagination
- increases brain development, short and long-term memory
- it's constant learning 
- it reflects discipline and patience
- it introduces kids to other cultures
- it's fun! 

[From: http://www.healthfitnessrevolution.com/top-10-benefits-playing-percussion-instrument/]

Playschool also has some cool ideas, and often uses music as a theme for the show. Follow this link for more, like making your own shaker! 


[Top image: mrsmoseysmusic.com]

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