Unpacking the new house - Girls Room

I've finally completed Miss M (2.5 years) and Miss O's (8 mths) shared room in our new rental. I unpacked it all within the first week, but wasn't happy with the layout or furniture we had in there. After a trip to IKEA and many different configurations, I am happy with it. It's hard in a rental when you can't choose the wall type or wall colour, and you can't place hooks on the wall where you'd like! I definitely miss that after moving from the house we owned.

When we first moved in, we tried to simulate how the room was set-up in our old place (click here to have a look), however it just looked so cluttered.

We also didn't have anywhere for the girls to play (the living room is quite small), so I changed the room again. This was much better, but still looked too cluttered.

I decided instead to buy a chest of drawers that most of the girl's clothes could live in, therefore freeing up space in the built-in's for their toys (so they were accessible but hidden away). The chest of drawers is a MALM dresser from IKEA. I also bought a LACK side table for the girl's doll's houses.

I love the girl's bunting, which were a gift from a friend's mum (she is so talented!) Miss M's bed came free when we moved into our old house, and I bought the Adairs quilt cover from a garage sale.

The rug was from Kmart a few years ago, as was the rocking horse (which was a gift). The wooden dolls house is from mywoodentoys.com and was a gift, and we were given the Little People house which sits underneath the side table.

Miss O's cot and change table were secondhand - I've only just bought the new changetable this week, and I just love it! It's so much neater with the drawers then our old plastic one.

I don't love the placement of the pictures on the wall, but unfortunately I can't alter where the hooks are (and even if I use removable hooks, the existing hooks are still quite noticeable!)

The girl's dressing gowns hang on hooks on the back of the door. Inside the drawers of the changetable are nappies & wipes & baby products. Inside the chest of drawers are the girl's winter clothes, and in the built-ins are their summer clothes, extra blankets, backpacks, toys, extra bedding & pillows and our swimming bag. I have used one side of the built-in to hang my jackets and dresses, as my built-in isn't very big (I am slowly culling clothes!)

I have created a place to hang the girl's artwork near the door on these clipboards from Kmart. In the background you can see the dress-ups on a repurposed towel rack.

 The dress-ups on the towel rack plus the dress-up hats on a hat rack from Kmart (the blind was already here).

It's a large room, and now I don't feel that its cluttered - just bright, happy and functional!

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