Winter Fun!

Each month, a friend and I love to treat our kids to a craft and baking activity based on a certain theme. This month the theme was WINTER!

With the fire going on an overcast day, the kids did a winter craft - we made a snowman!

The snowman craft idea is from Pinterest. Using a blue background, I drew the outline of a snowman. The kids stuck on a top hat out of black card (Miss M's is upside down haha!), some googly eyes, a green ribbon scarf, and then some cotton wool for the snow on the snowman's body.

Then using white paint, the kids painted snow around the outside!

The finished product is very cute!

The kids also enjoyed an indoor picnic on the loungeroom floor using Miss M's new Kmart kids picnic set!

On a separate afternoon, we made special milkshakes using whipped cream (to mimic snow), marshmallows and sprinkles (for winter normally this would have been a hot chocolate, but Miss M dislikes anything hot!) They turned out super cute!

My friend also made the kids pikelets with jam, cream, marshmallows and sprinkles (just because they are delicious, and to use the whipped cream while we had it!)

And some for the adults as well!

Winter is such a versatile theme with endless possibilities - thanks to Pinterest for the ideas!

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