12 tips for when you are are feeling sick

I've been quite sick this past week, not only vomiting but feeling so dizzy and weak that I can't lift my head off the pillow for very long. It was horrible, but all I could do was lay in bed all day, and get up when I felt ok. I was thankful the worst of it was on the weekend so that hubby was home to look after the girls. 

Meanwhile, the house got really trashed. But there wasn't a thing I could do about it. I think the only thing I did well was to try and keep eating small things occasionally, just so that I didn't feel sicker than I already did. 

I decided to research a few tips of how we can try and maintain the house if we get sick (or if we have to look after a loved one who is sick), and some tips to make us feel a little better (even when nothing seems to work!) 

  • Learn to let it go: This is exactly what I had to do over the weekend. I knew the dizziness and headaches wouldn't last forever, so I just let the house be messy. It will always be there waiting for me when I'm well. Easier said than done, but I didn't have a choice!
  • Enter 'survival mode' for dinners: It's perfectly ok to eat toast and cereal for dinner when you or your kids are sick. If you or your kids get sick often, consider making double batches of meals and freezing them, or cooking up freezer meals for when you can't cook.
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help: I'm terrible at asking for help! But sometimes you just have to. I know I never mind doing things for friends when they ask. This could be popping down to the supermarket or the chemist to grab something, looking after their kids while they sleep, or helping out around the house. 
  • Get the kids involved: If you have older kids, get them to help with preparing meals, entertaining any younger kids, or just picking up mess. Even my 2.5 year old knows how to tidy up her toys, and understands when Mummy is sick that she needs to help a little. 
  • Clean up for 5 mins when you feel ok: Try and chuck on a load of washing, and don't worry if you don't feel up to hanging it on the line, just chuck it in the dryer. Clothes don't need to be folded and put away, just clean. Or attempt to wash up and pack the dishwasher and turn it on - this doesn't mean a full kitchen clean, but at least you will have clean dishes to eat from.
  • Keep eating as well as you can (food, water & vitamins): They say to starve a fever and feed a cold, but it honestly depends how you feel. Anything I ate on Saturday, I couldn't keep down. I found plain things like vegemite toast, chicken soup and dry crackers stayed down quite well though and made me feel better. Drink plenty of water and don't forget your multi-vitamins. 
  • Fresh air & sunshine: If you feel up to it, get out in the fresh air and sunshine (vitamin D is so good for you, especially when you are sick!) but if you can't venture outside, open the blinds and the window and let some fresh air in. 
  • Have a shower and put on some fresh pyjamas or clothes: How good does it feel after being stuck in bed all day to have a shower and chuck on some clean clothes? It's ironic wearing pj's all day and then changing into new ones just for bedtime, but it does make you feel better!
  • Fresh bedding: If you feel up to it, change your bedding too. I like to wait until the sickness has passed to change my sheets, but even just a fresh pillowcase can make a world of difference. 
  • Try some essential oils: Diffusing a yummy smelling essential oil might make all the difference to your mood, and lots of essential oils have healing properties too. I love lemon, and lavender. Easy Air (from DoTerra) is supposed to be brilliant if you have the flu. 
  • Head to the doctor: If you are still not well in a certain amount of time, or you are getting worse, it might be a good idea to get a professional opinion and some medication. Keep a note of your symptoms and keep track of when and how much of your medication you are having. 
  • Know that it won't last forever! Hang onto the fact that if you are normally well, then the sickness shouldn't hang around forever, and you will (hopefully!) wake up one day and feel good again! 

Hopefully some of these tips help next time you are unwell! 

[Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or have any qualifications to give medical advice, nor am I trying to. I just collated a few tips that helped when I was sick, and thought I'd share them with you. Always seek medical advice from a professional]. 

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