[Clean My House] Homemade All Purpose Cleaner

Create your own homemade, natural All Purpose Spray!

My friend Claire showed me how to do this after I asked her why her homemade kitchen spray smelt so good!

Repurpose a used spray bottle (my friend gave me this one, you can find the original in Coles and I just love the spray head on it!) or you can buy cheap spray bottles from supermarkets, Kmart, Big W, The Reject Shop etc.

Fill the bottle 3/4's with vinegar and then cut a lemon (or orange, or both) in quarters, and then remove the rind (outer skin) from the flesh. Place just the rind into the bottle. I also added a few drops of DōTERRA lemon oil and a squirt of dishwashing liquid to cut through grease.

I just love that this spray smells clean but not just like vinegar, and that I can use the lemons and oranges from our trees out the back! Spray anywhere you'd use an All Purpose Spray, and for an extra clean, sprinkle bi-carb soda on the surface, then spray, and leave it for a little bit before wiping.

I like to use Norwex cloths, are they are easy to chuck in the wash after a few days.

I keep my spray either under the sink or in the laundry in my cleaning caddy.

Vinegar is a preserver and the lemon or orange rind will last in vinegar indefinitely, however you could choose to leave the rind in for at least two weeks to let the flavours infuse. The lemon rind in mine still look exactly the same after a good month.

If it is still too strong for you, you could leave the rind to infuse for two weeks, then tip the rind and vinegar out, and distill with half water (so leave half the citrus-infused vinegar, then add water to fill, plus a squirt of dishwashing liquid to help cut the grease.

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