My Winter Wardrobe

For winter this year, as I wore an outfit, I took a photo and saved it in my phone. I wouldn't say that I have a capsule wardrobe as such (still working on it) but the 18 outfits here were basically my winter wardrobe! The jeans all look the same in these pics but I have a black pair, a navy pair, a denim pair, a beige pair and a blue pair (and I'm wearing tights in the one with navy & white striped dress).

It worked really well and all I had to do was look at these photos each day to see what I wanted to wear. The rest went to charity and the only things I've kept that aren't shown are shirts/tops/singlets that go underneath jumpers (photo below), my teaching sports day hoodies/jackets and some big jackets for when it gets very cold (these are stored on one side of the built-in's in the girl's room). I'm slowly trying to cull my scarves too (they are my main accessory in winter) - I'm down to approx. 15 from far more than that!

I'd like to do the same for summer too. It's really been a blessing in disguise going from a very big built-in wardrobe at our last place to a small one at the rental we are in now, because it's forced me to re-evaluate the amount of clothing I have.  

This is my side of the built-in, and Brendan's is identical on the other side. Up the top in the white tub are presents I collect throughout the year when they are on special. The pink tub is for spare coat hangers, as I work out how many I'll ultimately need.

On the top shelf are my winter jumpers.
On the next shelf down are two baskets with my underwear and socks.
The next shelf down are my house clothes, and a basket of hot water bottles and wheat bags.
The next shelf down are my tights and track pants, and items like old clothes for painting/hair dying at home etc.
On the bottom shelf are shorts & skirts.

The hanging clothes are cardigans, summer tops/shirts and long pants.
In the removable shelves underneath are my winter, and then summer pyjamas.

In the middle drawer of my bedside table, I have attempted to fold my singlets (for under clothes in winter) using the 'KonMari' method so that I can see everything. The tops of the side are 3/4 length tops for under clothes.

In the bottom drawer, are my long-sleeve shirts for under clothes in winter and my belts.

I am getting better at giving clothes to charity if I don't love them, if they don't fit well or they don't serve a purpose. There are a few ways to get started in culling clothes (ideas from Organising the Four of Us on Facebook):

 - Each week choose 5 things you will donate or chuck (if it's not able to be donated)

 - Choose only 33 items for each season (not including underwear, socks, pj's or activewear)

 - Turn your coat hangers around after you wear something, and after 6 months, whichever coat hangers remain the right way, donate!

 - Use the 4-pile strategy: keep, donate, unsure and chuck. Place the unsure pile into a box, and if you still don't miss the items after 3 months, donate them! This would be my strategy of choice.

I can't wait until I'm 100% happy with how I store my clothes, and what clothes I have. It's definitely an ongoing process!

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