[Organise My House] Displaying & Storing Kids Artwork

How do you display and store your kids artwork?

At the moment I am using 2x $2.50 Kmart clipboards secured to the wall in the girl's room with a removable hook. Miss M loves changing her artwork over when she brings them home from daycare, playgroup and any we do at home! 

Kmart actually sell frames that you can open to easily remove & change artwork, and are only $12 each! Hopefully I can find some next time I'm at Kmart!

I'm currently storing Miss M's best artworks in two display folders - an A3 size and an A4 size.

In the future I plan to purchase a tub for each of the girl's that can be used with files (like a filing cabinet without the cabinet) and allocate a file for each daycare/preschool/school year for artwork, reports, school photos etc. This idea came from the very talented Charlene at Teacher by Trade, Mother by Nature. Check out her link here about she created hers, and don't forget to follow her on Facebook!

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