[Organise My House] A nappy change system for the car

Create your own nappy change system for the car!

Using a Huggies wipe dispenser (which I bought from Coles for $5 on special, and comes with 80 wipes which I used before creating this system), attach a half-full packet of wipes to the lid using a hair band or rubber band, and poke the first wipe through.

Underneath I have nappy bags, sanitiser, a change of clothes for both girls (a t-shirt for Miss M and an old Bonds wondersuit for Miss O), a spare dummy and 2 nappies (I took the photo before placing the nappies on top).

This set up is perfect if you've forgotten the nappy bag, and just want to duck to the shops quickly without your nappy bag.

For those without kids in nappies, you can easily store just a change of clothes in here, and wipes in the top (because as we know, wipes always come in handy for kids of any age!)

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