[Organise My House] Keeping track of kids clothes

I like to buy my girl's their clothes in bigger sizes when I see them on special (there's a real difference between buying a pair of swimmers for $20 to a clearance price of $5, and you know you'll need swimmers each season!) but I was forgetting items that I'd already purchased, and ended up with 4x pairs of size 5 swimmers (my eldest daughter isn't even 3 yet!) This was costing me unnecessary money, so I came up with a little system which has worked well so far - keep a basic list in the notes in your phone (or in your planner if you always have it with you) for the next size up of about how many items you'd like to have. As you buy something, tick it off, or write yourself a little note (for example: I might need 2 pairs of pyjamas - I've just bought one, so I need one more) on your list (I have done this in the store as soon as I've bought something, or as soon as I get home and place it in a clothes tub). This way you won't forget what you've bought, you won't buy too many items, and when your child grows into the next size, you will be ready to go or you'll know exactly what you need to buy! 

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