[Organise My House] Repurposing a towel rack for a dress-up station

Repurpose an old towel rack as a kids dressing up station!

Awhile ago I started acquiring dress-ups for Miss M and had no idea how to store them so that she could easily access them. I had a towel rack I wasn't using, and wondered if this could be a solution - it has now worked well for close to a year!

I removed one of the side rails, but that was all that needed to be done to make it useable. I used to use a basket for all the accessories but found they weren't being used as Miss M couldn't see them. So I grabbed some A4 snaplock bags and attached a pant/skirt hanger to the top, and now they are being used all the time! The hat rack holds her bags and hats, and was $16 from Kmart.

We have mostly been given her dress-ups, or I have found them at Vinnies. We purchased two this year from The Reject Shop for $10 each (an Elsa costume & a Little Red Riding Hood costume). This set-up would be perfect for a toy room but is currently in the girl's room. It doesn't really get messy, as Miss M will usually only take one item off at a time, but if it doesn't get messy, it is very easy to tidy again!

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