[Organise My House] Storing Kids Clothes

Organise and store kids clothes in tubs!

I started storing our girl's clothes in plastic tubs as Miss M grew out of each size. I organise by size (0000, 000, 00, 0, 1, 2 etc.) and try to keep the amount of clothes I have to only what fits in each tub (most tubs are 60L).

This was perfect when Miss O came along, as I can grab the tub/size she is up to and know I have every item of summer and winter clothing (plus accessories like shoes & sleeping bags) that I need for her. I like plastic tubs over boxes because I find they are sturdier and they were a lifesaver when our old house flooded underneath (which is where the tubs were being stored).

I don't keep anything that is stained, or in disrepair. As I notice the girl's growing out of a size, I'll make time to remove those clothes from their chest of drawers/cupboards, donate any that are in good condition that they didn't wear, wash any that need washing, and then place them in the tub and into the shed for storage, and at the same time, I can just grab the next size tub.

I know some like to sell or pass on all the clothing their little ones outgrow, and I plan to do this once we are definitely done having kids, but it's handy to know I don't have to buy anything new at all if we were to have another girl, and also there are some really cute items that I bought for Miss M that I've loved being able to dress Miss O in as well! 

I purchased the tubs in the photo from The Reject Shop for between $7 and $9 each for the 60L size.

In the second photo was our set-up underneath our old place - my hubby built me some shelves to help organise all my tubs!

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