A look inside our Christmas tubs

One tradition of ours for Christmas each year is to decorate the Christmas tree and the house on December 1st, which I'll share in another blog post. I thought that today I'd share how we organise & store our Christmas items thoroughout the year. 

I have 3 red & green plastic tubs that I purchased from Kmart a few years ago for $9 each, that were stored underneath our house in the garage before we moved, and in the shed at our current rental. Plastic tubs are just perfect for keeping things organised and away from the weather, water & any bugs or spiders, especially when you have to store things out of the house. I would like some more of these tubs, but unfortunately last year they only had gold Christmas tubs. Hopefully they will bring red and green back one year! 

In the first tub we have all our baubels for the Christmas tree. In previous years I had a purple and silver theme for the tree (we actually used these baubels for our wedding centrepieces in vases - it looked really effective!) but I've decided to just go with a colourful theme from now on. This means I won't be worried about the look of the Christmas tree when the kids bring things they've made home from daycare/preschool/school. Last year in the Boxing Day Sales I picked up lots of different coloured baubels cheaply. I don't feel the need to organise this any further as they aren't expensive, and it's just as easy to decorate the tree by grabbing a bauble out of this tub, as it is if they were organised in their own little section or another way. 

This is the next tub. We have our Elf, a ham bag, some Christmas sippy cups, NOEL wooden blocks, a white wreath, battery operated lights (continued in next pic...)

Reindeer headbands, our Christmas tops & outfits & pyjamas, our countdown to Christmas sign, hessian star decorations, a small tin I plan to use for a present or random act of kindness for someone this year, a small fabric wreath I made about 15-20 years ago (at Girl's Brigade!), more Christmas plastic cups, and in the snaplock bag are little wooden signs that say 'Joy' and 'Love' etc. plus ribbons , some loose Christmas cards and small random items. 

In the bottom of the tub are my two advent calendars (one wooden one, and one made of cardboard boxes that have magnets on the back - I made it at a Stampin' Up party a few years ago), pom pom garlands, the white wreath, bunting, Santa hats and stockings. 

Here's the next tub: 

In this one we have our Christmas plates, chocolate moulds, sticker bunting for the window, stakes to decorate the front lawn, Santa babushka doll, DVDs, tinsel, toys (for Christmas Eve boxes/stockings), napkins & napkin holder, pillow cases and moulds for making gingerbread houses.

And under that is a mini tree, 3 table decorations (vases with baubles), tea towels, tablecloths, Christmas cards and a light bag in the packet that I haven't opened yet. A lot I picked up on clearance after Christmas last year as well so I'm excited to use it this year! Yes it may seem like a lot, but some of the items I have kept from when we used to occasionally host Christmas parties, and it's handy to hang out these items as I assume we'll host more Christmas events in years to come! 

Our Christmas bedding (2 singles and a Queen for us) has been stored in the girl's room/linen cupboard this year but I'd love to have it in another tub. The Christmas pillows/cushions for the lounge (red and silver) are stored in the linen cupboard too. Our wooden nativity set, the 24 books for our advent calendar, and some bon bons are stored in our Christmas tree bag (which I purchased from Bunnings as few years ago), as well as our special baubles that I give the girls each year. I went through it all a few months ago, and it felt great to get rid of lots of items I wasn't ever going to use.

Our special baubels and tree decorations is another tradition I only started last year, and the idea came from Organising the Four of Us (you can follow Leanne's page on Facebook). Each year, you or your kids can choose 1 special decoration or bauble each, which they place on the tree. These are stored separate to the normal Christmas decorations (ours are in a Christmas box from The Reject Shop) and when the kids are ready to move out, say at 18, they will have 18 special decorations to take with them for their own Christmas tree. I'll share our special baubels when I share how we are decorating our tree and house on December 1st! 

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