Miss O's 1st Birthday!

Happy Birthday to our beautiful Miss O! 

We were away near Coffs Harbour for Miss O's birthday on the 5th October, so we decided to do a little party for her at the place we were staying with my family. 

I had pinned a few cute watermelon themed parties on Pinterest, and thought it would be a fun theme to do. Over the last few months I'd grabbed bits and pieces for the party, and brought most of the crockery and items I needed from home on our holiday, as I really enjoy doing party set-ups! 

Vistaprint had banners on sale for $10 recently, so I ordered one for Miss O (her name is just blurred for privacy) - it's the first year I've purchased a banner and I love it! I can always reuse this one too, depending on the theme. 

The tropical bunting was from Kmart (and matched the fruit skewer sticks you'll see soon). 

The paper balls above the backdrop were from The Reject Shop. The fake leaves were already here in the house we are renting for the week! I think they are from Kmart. 

I made jelly (it was red and green but the green seemed to just blend into the red!), red cordial and we also had m&m's, musk sticks, white chocolate buttons and tiny teddies. The napkins were from Kmart. 

How cute are the fruit skewer sticks from Kmart?!

This was an idea off Pinterest - homemade LCM bars in watermelon colours! Melt marshmallows, a tablespoon of butter and rice bubbles, add food colouring and press into a round tin so it's easy to cute into triangles. Yum!

Of course we had to have watermelon!

Watermelon fudge - 2 blocks of white chocolate melted with 30g butter and a can of condensed milk. Split into two bowls, add green colouring to one and red to another. So decadent!

These cute buckets were from Price Busters for $2.50 each. 

The watermelon mug was from Target for $2. 

I took photos of Miss O each month from 1 week to 12 weeks, and then every month. I displayed similiar ones at Miss M's 1st party so wanted to do the same for Miss O!

The cake was purhcased from Woolies - it is a layered raspberry coconut cake (it was in the bakery section). I just added some green icing (I'm not a cake maker so it's a tad rough lol!) - it's so cute and small! Perfect one-year-old size. The topper was from Toppers by Tegan on facebook. 

Miss O's 1-year old/first birthday photo! Her cute little watermelon dress was from Target a few years ago (Miss M received it from a friend for her 1st birthday). I love it!

So cute!!

This was definitely her favourite present - a $9 doll from Target!

Miss O received a book of stories for 1-year old's from Big W, 2 dolls from The Reject Shop & Target (this is only because Miss M has two dolls - 1 that can go in the bath, and 1 that can't haha!), a wooden rainbow toy from Kmart, a wooden stacking toy my Mum bought for her, a beautiful Noah's Ark wooden sorting toy from Le Toy Van that my Mum also bought her, 2 gorgeous outfits from Little Eedie Boutique on Facebook, and a cute little ceramic tea set from Kmart. She also received a cute little doll, a bubble toy, some pretty bows, and a book from my brother & his girlfriend. 

The 4 of us! 

We had a fun little party, and the kids certainly had a good time getting into the food and enjoying all Miss O's presents. I can't believe our littlest girl is 1 already!!

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