My Dad's 60th!

My Dad turned 60 on the same day of Miss O's party, so I thought I'd create a little party table for him too! 

He's a pilot so I went with an aeroplane theme. I made the little cloud backdrop out of a piece of cardboard and clouds. The bunting was from The Reject Shop. 

The little bucket with lollies was from Price busters. I purchased a sponge cake from Woolies (just to save time, and because we are on holidays!) and iced it, and placed one of the beautiful aeroplane cookies I'd ordered from Dough Re Mi on facebook. The present at the back is a photobook of photos showing Dad's life so far, from his birth to life with the grandkids! I made it through Big W Photos Online. How cute is the wrapping paper?!

Jaffas and coconut rough balls! I love this little serving tray - it was $4 on clearance at Big W a few years ago. 

The gorgeous cookies, and fairy bread (as per my Dad's request!)

I don't often serve hot food at parties, just because it can often be a pain waiting for it to cook, but we were having this party for breakfast so I wanted to include some sustenance among the sweet food (not at all healthy, but it's only once a year haha!)

Happy Birthday Dad! 

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