{2018 Advent Activities} Dec 10th - Give a gift to our pastors

We had some wonderful pastors of our church in our old town, and before we left we gifted them a "Just Add Ice-Cream Kit!" I saw this idea on My Lovely Little Nest's facebook page (and have since noticed similar ideas on Pinterest too). We also decided to gift two others to some good friends we were leaving in our old town too. 

One day when the girl's were both in daycare, I wandered around town to find everything I needed. I purchased some foil trays, cute little jars with a red gingham pattern on top, some cardboard ice-cream cups (with spoons) and cellophane from a cheap shop, and then the mini marshmallows, crushed peanuts, hundreds & thousands, a scoop, chocolate topping, candy canes and waffle cones from Woolworths, the choc malt balls from The Reject Shop, and the ice-cream serviettes from Big W. 

I bought enough for 3 hampers (each family had 4, 4 and 5 people), and placed it all in the foil container. You could use a basket as well. In the little jars I put hundreds & thousands, and crushed nuts. In mini self-sealing bags I put the mini marshmallows and choc balls. I think it came together well! 

Altogether it cost $44.85, so less than $15 each which I was happy with! Wrap the hamper in cellophane, a ribbon and a gift tag, and you are done! It's the perfect gift for a family to create a yummy dessert, or as part of a family night - I love that it involves everyone in the family, and all they have to do is add ice-cream and enjoy! 

Our advent book

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