{2018 Advent Activities} Dec 13th - Give a gift to our daycare mum

Today's advent activity is to give a gift to our daycare mum. We were very sad to leave our lovely daycare mum in our old town, when we moved to our new town in March this year, but we were so blessed to find Steph who the girl's loved! She went above and beyond to make the transition from one daycare to another for Miss M seamless, and the transition into daycare for Miss O easy. 

We had to actually give our gift to Steph at the end of November once we had finished up with daycare when we moved back to our old town. We gave her a personalised notepad from Padtastic, a pen, a beautiful tea cup and saucer (from Woolies of all places!) and some chocolate. 

We are now very blessed to have Miss O back in our old daycare, which is now just around the corner from our new house! We gifted her a personalised notepad last year (it's definitely our go-to gift!) so this year we've gone for a lovely mug & some homemade treats. 

Our advent book

Elf on the shelf 

Elfie was found enjoying three cups of tea today!

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