{2018 Advent Activities} Dec 18th - Make truffles

 Day 18 - Today we are making (more) chocolate truffles! This is the second batch this festive season - these are one of my favourite Christmas treat recipes as they are so simple and so delicious! 

Here's the recipe I use. Some notes on this recipe: if you are using a 200g packet of malt biscuits, you will only need about half a can of condensed milk. Add more if the mixture isn't wet enough, but just judge as you go. I also add a tiny bit extra cocoa. You could also use arrowroot or scotchfinger biscuits, and a drop of peppermint essential oil (one that is safe to eat) adds a delicious flavour, as do the Your Inspiration At Home (YIAH) flavoured chocolate powders (e.g. the raspberry truffle one is delicious!) 

Here are the ingredients below. The method is super simple: crush the biscuits in a Thermomix or food processor, then add the rest of the ingredients and mix until the consistency is wet but able to be rolled (if your mixture ends up too wet, add more crushed biscuits or more coconut). 

The Thermomix is brilliant at crushing the biscuits in seconds!

Ready to stir! 

Roll the truffles in small balls and cover in extra coconut. Place in the freezer to set (but they can also be frozen to be eaten at a later date as well!) 

Yum! So delicious - I can't wait to eat more on Christmas Day! 

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