{2018 Advent Activities} Dec 19th - Perform a random act of kindness

Today's advent activity is another one to promote giving & Christmas kindness! 

We purchased a block of Smarties chocolate (so yummy!) and wrapped it up with a card letting the person know that they've received a random act of kindness, but not saying who the giver is! We then dropped it off at one of our neighbours houses. 

It's so important to me to promote kindness in my kids, and at a time of year when there's lots of receiving (especially for Miss M as her birthday was only 5 days ago!) it's so nice to give as well. Hopefully the receiver enjoys their small gift! 

Advent Book

Elf on the Shelf

Jingles either thinks we won't find him today, or he's put himself in jail. Either way, it gave the girl's a laugh!

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