{2018 Advent Activities} Dec 1st - Decorate the Christmas tree & house

It's the 1st of December, which means it's time to decorate the tree and our house for Christmas! 

It is a tradition we've had for years; to decorate on the 1st, however I'm not too strict with it, and this year I put the tree up about a week before the 1st December, as my family was visiting and we thought it'd be a fun activity. 

It took quite awhile, as I finally have my very own proper Christmas tree (I had a very small one or had borrowed one previously, but this year in our forever home I wanted our own good-sized tree - I found a 185cm tree for $42 at Big W, originally $96!) and we had to work out how to put it together. Last year and for the last 4 years I've gone with a purple and silver theme because we had hundreds of baubles leftover from our wedding (we used them as decorations), but as Miss M and Miss O bring homemade decorations home, I want them to be able to put them on the tree and me not to worry that it doesn't match! Plus how pretty is a colourful tree! We've just gone with baubles and hanging decorations, and a new set of lights as well. The decorations all live in one Christmas tub, and I have a Christmas tree bag for the tree. We've put the tree up in the living room off our kitchen/dining. I love it! The bunting above the tree was made by a lady on a Facebook Christmas Mums group and is just so pretty! 

[Miss O admiring the tree... she is very cheeky and it's a game to sneak over and touch the baubles, but so far she hasn't pulled too many off and has only broken two lol]

On December 1st we did decorate our house though - it feels so festive! 

Everything you see was mostly purchased in after Christmas sales very cheaply, and from Kmart, Big W or otherwise specified further down. 

Here's our lounge room:

The nativity set was from My Wooden Toys. 

Our living area: 

I bought Christmas pillow covers from Kmart before I bought our bedding, so these are now an addition to our living area - I think they are so cute!

Our dining area: 

The bunting below was only $5 from Best n Less! 

Some fun Christmas plates & cups, and Miss M & Miss O's December 1st breakfast!

Our Kitchen: 

Our Christmas bedding! 

I purchased these for about $30 each from eBay 2 years ago (so I can no longer find the link!) and they are brushed flannel from the UK but are very light and so cute! 

Our front door, Christmas movies, CD's & new pyjamas! 

Our front garden: 

Decorating kicks off our 2017 advent activities - here are the rest of the activities we've got planned in the lead-up to Christmas (some will now be out of order as when I created these, I didn't know exact dates for our town Christmas carols etc.): 

Each day along with our advent activity, I'll be sharing our advent book for that day, and our Elf on the Shelf adventures!

Our Advent Book & Chocolate Calendars! 

24 books all wrapped and ready to be opened each day! 

We chose Princess chocolate calendars from Coles for $3.50 each. 

Miss M was very excited to unwrap our first advent book today...

Here are our first books (2 today as I ended up with more than 24!) These were like $1 from Big W a few years ago. The 'Down the Chimney' one is really cute but the 'Nutcracker' one can probably be donated lol! 

Elf on the Shelf

Our Elf Jingles arrived stuck in our Christmas tree today, with a note to say hello and that he's not allowed to be moved or touched! Miss M really wanted to touch him, so he might have to only appear in high places for the rest of December haha! 

The actual Elf on the Shelf comes with a book, but I bought a cheap version from eBay, so I printed out a letter from Pinterest, although you could easily make your own!

Today's activities are done! The house feels so Christmassy, and I can't wait to bake cookies tomorrow! 

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