{2018 Advent Activities} Dec 20th - Make Christmas fudge

How good is chocolate fudge?! I'm a sucker for fudge, any flavour really, and every Easter when we visit Mt Tamborine, I always treat myself to some fudge from some of their amazing fudge shops. 

It's a great Christmas treat too, and so easy to make! Here's the recipe I use, which is one I typed up for my recipe folder over 10 years ago. You can also find amazing recipes for the Thermomix, but I thought I'd use this conventional method for a change! 

You only need 3 ingredients - butter, condensed milk & cooking chocolate (or Cadbury chocolate - both work well!) 

Follow the method above - the condensed milk heated before adding the rest makes it fudgier I think (and actually, you can make caramel by heating condensed milk!) 

Once it was done, I added 2 drops of doTERRA peppermint oil (which is safe to eat) to make it more Christmassy (you definitely don't need more than 2 drops!) and I crushed up some peppermint candy canes for the top. 

Refridgerate or freeze for half a day before cutting, and overnight is best - you can also freeze it to eat at a later date (we are saving most of this for Christmas Day! It is so delicious - my hubby even enjoyed it and he doesn't have a sweet tooth!

Our advent book

Elf on the shelf 

Jingles was taking a dip in the sink of the girl's IKEA kitchen in the toyroom! 

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