{2018 Advent Activities} Dec 2nd - Bake Christmas Cookies

Day two of our advent activities was to bake Christmas cookies! 

We invited our best friends over to help us decorate which was lots of fun! 

Here is the recipe I used: it's one I've had for years, and I was obviously quite confident with it when I typed it up and didn't even include the method! It's very easy though - I melt the butter, chuck it all in together and mix until it's the right consistency for rolling.

Here's the ingredients you'll need. I chose to do mainly stars, bells, Christmas trees and angel shapes but also a couple of gingerbread men shapes as we had some lollies left over from our reindeer cookies and when you turn the man upside, it can almost pass for a reindeer! 

You'll only need 10 minutes in the oven - watch them closely as they will burn quickly! 

They turned out perfectly! 

I put together a little plate of items to decorate with - m&m's, tiny teddies, strawberries & cream lollies, white & milk choc chips, broken up candy canes, candy eyes and a little container of Christmas decorating items that I found at Woolies! (This plastic plate was $2 from Coles). 

Miss M did quite well decorating her cookies!

And taste testing of course! 

Here are some of the finished products (by me, Miss M who is almost 3, Miss C who is almost 2, and Mr E who is almost 4). 

Decorating cookies is one of my favourite Christmas activities, and I especially love eating them! 

Our advent book

Elf on the shelf

Tomorrow is Christmas craft day!


  1. Love this. Will start doing this with my kids. Can you please tell me how you made the icing please? Thanks :)

    1. Oops I missed this! I literally just chuck some icing sugar in a bowl, add a teaspoon of soft butter and a dash of milk or boiling water and mix until I have the right consistency!


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