{2018 Advent Activities} Dec 3rd - Make Christmas gifts for our friends!

Today's Advent Activity was to make gifts for our friends!

I had created our list of Advent Activities in October, and then as we unexpectedly moved at the start of November, we actually made these and handed them out before we left. So today we would have been making and handing these out, but here's a recap of what we did back in November! 

I decided to make 6 mini chocolate jars for the girls in my small group. I love these little jars for only $1 at The Reject Shop and have been wondering what I could buy them and use them for! 

M&M's are everyone's favourite, and they happened to be on special at Coles when I purchased them - I bought 4x of the medium sized packets for $2.12 each, in all different flavours. I would have loved to have bought just green and red (Christmas colours) but that would have proved a very costly exercise at the time! 

I attached some gift tags that I already had from a previous Christmas, wrote a little message, and they were done! 

I know I'd love to receive one, and the little jar can be used after too (e.g. for cotton buds in the bathroom). All up it cost under $15. 

For the girl's daycare friends, we made up these cute little loot bags with a few goodies inside. The loot bags were $2 for 12 (we only used 6) from The Reject Shop. 

Inside we put a Christmas stamp ($2 for 6) and 2 Santa chocolates ($2 for 16) both from The Reject Shop. Then we bought a packet of 11 Milky Bars & 11 Smarties boxes from Coles which were both on special for $2.50. Lots of chocolate yes, but this proved to be cheaper than little non-chocolate gifts, and plus, its Christmas! 

I already had the little gift cards and ribbon, so we wrote a little message, and tied it up/attached it to the loot bags. 

All up it cost $11 for 5 gifts! They looked really cute! 

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