{2018 Advent Activities} Dec 4th - Do a Christmas Craft

Today we made paper plate Christmas trees! Thanks to Pinterest for the idea!

You'll need paper plates, green paint, scissors, tape, glue & pom poms. 

First we painted our plates green. 

All done!

While we waited for them to dry, Miss M enjoyed some more free painting (mostly of her hand lol!)

Once they were dry, I cut them into 3 roughly even pieces. 

Then placed them in a tree shape, and taped the back with sticky tape. 

Then it was time to decorate! We chose to just use pom poms, but you could decorate with stickers, felt, glitter and beads etc as well. The possibilities are endless! 

I dabbed the glue on (as I used wood glue so it was stick) and Miss M stuck her pom poms on. 

All done! They look really effective. You could easily add a rectangle at the bottom, out of brown paper or painted brown for the trunk, and you could add a ribbon to the top to hang on the tree. 

We've also been doing some other Christmas tree related crafts - colouring Christmas cards:

We made this cute card at the library out of a paddle pop stick and pieces of cardboard: 

We made Christmas trees out of pine cones (with glitter and pom poms stuck on) at our Monday playgroup: 

We made Christmas trees with cut-out shapes & colourful paper & cellophane stuck behind at our Thursday playgroup!

Also, while we're on the topic of Christmas trees, at the end of November, we went and saw our local Christmas tree be lit! We had a little picnic dinner and enjoyed some live music, before the lights were turned on at 8pm. The kids really enjoyed it!

Our advent book

Elf on the shelf

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