Changing Address Checklist for Moving House

I assumed after moving towns twice in a 7-month period would almost make me an expert at packing & moving but it's just not the case! Both times I had great expectations of being super organised in my packing and it started out that way, and I just got sick of it and ended up chucking random things in random boxes, sigh. I think trying to move with a 4-month old and a 2 year old is never ideal (and then later a 1 year old and a 2.5 year old)! So I will leave the tips up to the experts!

The Organised Housewife has a great list of moving tips - click here. 

My Lovely Little Nest also has some excellent tips - click here. 

What I did do well was to change our address quickly and easily both times, and I've been asked for my checklist, so here it is! Write down/type up everyone you contact and how you contacted them, so that when and if you ever move again, the list is ready to go - this is one thing I did when we moved the first time (and I assumed it would be 5 years before we moved again) and I was so glad I did! Set aside time to do it all at once, or plan to call/email 3-5 organisations per day until it's all done. 

- RMS (Roads & Maritime Services/RTA) – your address can be changed online for your licence (Google RMS or the equivalent in your state - just search for 'change address')

- Insurance/s - usually easiest via phone (don't forget: house & contents, landlord, life, pet, car (comprehensive & third party), health insurance, ambulance coverage, income protection

- Bank/s - usually easiest via email or phone, but some you will have to go into your local branch 

- Sponsor child/ren - phone or email
- Mobile phone provider - phone 
Internet provider - phone (and any Foxtel/movie streaming subscriptions)
- Workplace - inform your old workplace (as they will need to send your group certificate to your new address)
[For those who are teachers in NSW: 

- Union - email or phone
- MyGov (ATO, Centrelink, Medicare etc) – can be done online 

- Council (Rates & Water) – ours was able to be done online, otherwise phone 
- Electoral Commission – online

- Superannuation Fund - email or phone 

- Daycare/preschool/school - email or phone 
- Real estate agents - phone or email 

- Flybuys - online through the app 
- Gas provider - make sure to cancel your gas if you are moving out of a rental, usually over the phone

- Electricity provider - phone

- Library - going into your local Library

- Australia Post - phone or going into your local Post Office

- Churches - email 

Other organisations you might need to contact:

- Concession/Pension Cards
- Other loyalty card programs
- Pap Test Register
- Accountant/financial advisor 
- Charities
- Chemists
- Clubs (RSM/RSL etc)
- Credit Card Companies
- Dentist
- Doctor
- Gym
- Health professionals 
- Mail order catalogues
- Legal representatives (lawyers etc)
- Newspapers and magazine subscriptions
- Toll tags
- Veterinarian 
- Vehicle service centres
- Video stores

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