Mini Christmas Puddings!

If you need something super easy and effective to take to all those Christmas parties in December, these mini Christmas puddings are cute & simple, and delicious too!

This idea was originally from Pinterest, but I've seen it on many other blogging pages too. Here are what they are supposed to look like - I found them a lot harder than I thought they'd be to get them to look perfect! 

You'll only need 3-5 ingredients:
 - Arnotts Royals biscuits (I bought 2 packets)
- Icing sugar
- A dash of milk
(OR melted white chocolate)
- Red & green M&M's OR leaf lollies (you can still find these at The Reject Shop) and Jaffas

Mix up the icing in a very thick consistency - I used about a cup of icing sugar to a teaspoon or two of milk. Add more icing sugar if you need to - if it's too runny, it won't stay on the Royal biscuits. 

With a spoon, place a little bit of mixture on top (you won't need much), and then add a red M&M followed by 1 green M&M cut in half and arranged like holly with berries. I found it hard to keep the green M&M from crushing (and you really want the green colour) so I think a red Jaffa and a leaf lolly would be easier. 

And you're done! Put them in the fridge so that the holly & berries don't slide off and to set the icing a bit. I took these to our Playgroup Christmas party and they all got eaten! If you haven't had a Royal biscuit before, they are a biscuit, jam & marshmallow covered in chocolate - so good!

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