Miss M's 3rd Birthday - Frozen theme!

Yesterday was Miss M's 3rd Birthday Party with a Frozen theme! 

She's loved Frozen ever since Brendan brought home the DVD at least 18 months ago. She has an Olaf dress that we use for dress-ups and she puts it on at least once a day! 

We decided to have the party in a park this year, just for something different and so it was easy to clean-up after (as we had another party at 3pm yesterday!) and we held it at 9:30am before the sun got too hot, and so that we could come home ready for midday naps. 

Preparing the food table is always a highlight for me! I had been looking through Pinterest for the last few months for different and easy Frozen themed food ideas, and come up with the following: 
- blue jelly
- white vanilla Corinthian wafers
- vanilla wafer biscuits with blue white chocolate and sprinkles on the ends
- snowflake cookies with peppermint icing
- cupcakes with blue icing
- marshmallows covered in white chocolate & blue sprinkles on blue paper straws
- fairy bread with blue sprinkles

As you can see in the pics, I also added some watermelon (as we didn't have any other fruit!), some biscuits & dip (as we didn't have a lot of savoury foods), some natural confectionary lollies in the tin (on the left below), and some Frozen icy poles (which I stumbled across in The Reject Shop - but they didn't stay frozen while at the park, which I should have realised haha!) 

I found lots of Frozen themed party items too - the tablecloth, napkins and invitations, and I just used blue plates, bowls and cups. I brought all the platters and plates from home, so I could set it up how I was happy with. I took all these in green bags & a big box to the park, and it was super easy just to chuck them all back in, take them home and wash-up after! 

I was able to make the cupcakes, cookies and cake weeks before and freeze them, and then I iced everything, and prepared everything else the night before. 

The cake worked out really well! I'm not a cake maker, so wanted something simple but effective. 

I liked the idea of a castle cake, but with a Frozen theme, so I went for blue buttercream icing over two cakes - a basic square & love heart shaped chocolate cake, and then I had purchased the little Frozen figurines off eBay for only $8! (Speaking of price, I was curious how much I actually was spending on parties, considering I buy everything as cheap as I can, but I tend to buy them for months before, and had never added it up. So this time I've added everything up that I spent on this party, and I'll put it in a separate blog post.)

The white chocolate for the door/gate and windows was super simple, as well as the mini marshmallows on the skewers (both of which I already had). The waffle cones were easy, I added flags up the top, and a few sprinkles, and I already had the candles and Miss M's cake topper (which was about $12 from Toppers by Tegan on Facebook). I was really happy with how it turned out! 

I purchased the banner from Vistaprint for only $10, and hung it between poles at the park just using ribbon, and added some blue & silver ballons, as well as blue & white lanterns. 

For the party favours, I wanted something other than lollies, and something very simple that I knew kids would love - what could be better than blue bubbles! These were only 50c each (I purchased 20) and I printed out a little tag, laminated it and attached it with ribbon. I actually gave these out to the kids about 20 mins before they left, and we all had fun blowing bubbles together! It was a hit!

The presents beside are the party game prizes and the pass the parcel - I had a set of Frozen markers, a Frozen fan with lollies, and a Frozen container with chocolates for the pass the parcel (as well as chocolates throughout). The wrapping was Frozen themed too, and I also used some to wrap Miss M's presents (which we'll give to her on her actual birthday, the 14th Dec). 

The kids loved the games! We played a round of Pin the nose on Olaf which was a packet with the background, sticker noses & blindfold for only $1.50! We then played Pass the Parcel with 'Let it go' as the music, and then a round of 'Freeze,' again with 'Let it go' playing! The kids then were able to just play on the park equipment!

My two little girl's dressed up!

Miss M received some lovely presents! We always say no gifts are necessary, but any we do receive are well loved! 

A family pic! I like to do this each birthday as it's fun to see how much the girl's grow!

Miss M LOVED everyone singing to her and being able to blow out her candles! She had such a fun time playing with her friends, and being the centre-of-attention, and it was a lovely morning of chatting, laughing and celebrating with friends and family! Happy 3rd Birthday Miss M!

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