Our Forever Home - Hallway, Linen, Mudroom & Storage

We have some very cool features in our new place that I haven't had (but always wanted!) before. One is a mudroom! I've seen lots of these on Pinterest, and always knew having one would be perfect for being able to store bags, hats, shoes etc., and later when the kids are at school, their school items. 

This little alcove off our garage (and leading into our hallway) is our mudroom, and I was super excited to pick up this storage unit (off our local buy swap site) which is absolutely perfect for this space! It has storage up the top, bottom, a spot for bags & even a hanging rack (under each top cupboard). There is currently nothing in the cupboards or drawers (the girl's shoes are in their rooms). 

I have a corkboard and whiteboard above but I think I'll put these on the wall later so they are more accessible. The black baskets were from Target - Brendan has one and I have the other for our personal items. The vase was also from Target and fake flowers are from Kmart. 

The shoe rack was from buy swap and sell, and has all my shoes (Brendan's are in the walk-in robe in the master bedroom), and the hat rack was also off buy swap and I painted it white. 

I love that our 'stuff' can be hidden away, especially as entry ways like this tend to have stuff dumped here as you get out of the car, but as everything has a place, it is super easy to keep tidy. 

Across from this space, is a door which is our storage room! 

I LOVE this little room, which on the house plans said it was a 'walk-in linen' cupboard, but as you'll see below when I show you our linen cupboard, we don't have enough linen even to fill one linen cupboard! 

This room has shelving on two sides, and so far it has items such as our picnic basket, some items for parties, my boxes of cards (like from birthdays), our marriage keepsake box, sportsbags/duffel bags/backpacking bags, nappy & swimming bags, green bags for shopping etc. 

I also have a sleeping bag (can you believe we only have 1 sleeping bag for Brendan and 1 for Miss M? I've never bought one, but need to!), our present tub, my IKEA spice racks which I will spray paint and put up soon, some spare tubs and pillows and rugs, and our items for the beach. 

It's very easy to keep tidy as there's so much shelving, but the best bit is, even if it does get out of control at times, I can just shut the door!

This is our hallway looking into the lounge room (from the mudroom). 

This is the hallway looking back from the loungeroom. My brother will help us put hooks on the wall soon so I can hang all my frames. 

This print was already here at the end of the hallway, and I think I'll keep it there, I'm not really sure yet! But I like what it says. 

In the centre of the hallway is our linen cupboard which is over double the size of the two previous linen cupboards we've had! 

I have the vacuum cleaner we are borrowing off my Mum, spare cushions, photo frames ready to be hung, our swimming bag, bikini/wet bags, beach towels, bath towels, spare pillowcases, spare cushion covers, handtowels, bath mats, and up the top are tablecloths, spare toiletry bags, more photo frames, wheat bags and hot water bottles.

Hope you enjoyed these few rooms - more to come!

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