Our Forever Home - Kitchen

Welcome to my favourite room - the kitchen! This is part of an open plan space with the living & dining rooms. 

I'm going to post a heap of photos of this space, and then go through every cupboard. 
I've always loved white kitchens, and have loved having an island bench at my last two places, so the layout is perfect for us, not to mention all the storage space! I love all the drawers, and the big pantries, and that I have a dedicated space for the microwave. 

Just in case anyone was wondering, the fake plants and stools are all from Kmart, the tea/coffee/sugar jars are from a local homewares shop but are Maxwell & Williams brand (I've had these for 6 or 7 years and still love them!), the jug and toaster we got for our wedding and are Bellini brand from Target (I love them, but would like to try another colour eventually!), the pod coffee machine and milk frother are from Aldi (we need to replace the coffee machine as ours is 6 years old and leaks!) The weekly chart on the fridge was from Kmart. 

Now I'll let the photos do the talking!

Now for all the cupboards and drawers!

This is probably my favourite drawer - the spice drawer! It is the drawer top left in the island bench. The spice holders/racks are from Kmart. The other side are Your Inspiration At Home (YIAH) spices however these aren't sold anymore. 

The drawer below is my mug drawer! Yes I have far too many but I love them all! 

So many cute designs! 

The bottom drawer on the left is our tea-towel and apron drawer, as well as napkins and spare cloth nappies (which we use as rags). 

Top right is the cutlery and utensil drawer. Both the holders are from Kmart. 

Below that is our plate & bowl drawers (I have a few but like different bowls for different things haha!) 

Below that is our snack lock bags, cling wrap etc. and the basket on the left has leftover party items if we need quick access to some. The cling wrap holder was from Kmart. 

Starting on the bottom row of the kitchen, from the left to the right (under the Thermomix to the Fridge): this is our container cupboard plus the kids plastic items. 

Next are more containers (including my steaming container & egg poaching container), plus lunchboxes, electric frypan & saucepans. 

Next is the dishwasher, and then the under-sink cupboard which has our bin, recycling and cleaning products. 

Next to that is the appliance cupboard. 

The cupboard next to that is under the 1st pantry and has entertaining/party items/pyrex dishes for dinners. 

Next is the baking drawer (this is underneath the oven). 

Under that are a few random items - loaf tins, cooking bowls and a few more containers. 

Lastly on the bottom under the second pantry is our cereal, plastic bags, snack drawer (from Kmart) and potato & onion storage (from Kmart as well). 

On the top row above the Thermomix is our recipe cupboard, as well pens & notepads in the basket, Brendan's smoothie machine & my essential oils (in the clear container on the bottom). Our batteries & hooks are in the pink container top right. 

The next cupboard is above the stove so doesn't really have anything. 

Next is our glasses and ramekins. 

Next is our coffee & tea cupboard, plus the perfect prep machine (although Miss O doesn't have formula anymore so I can put this away now) and a few extra bowls. 

Then we have more tea and coffee and hot choc items! 

This is our first pantry which has all my baking items plus:
 - oils
- salt & pepper
- garlic tin
- chopping boards
- grater
- bottle storage
- electric scales
- rice
- paper towel

This cupboard is so deep but I'm trying to keep everything at the front so it's easy to access. I love this cupboard; it definitely sparks joy! (The fake Tupperware was from Kmart, $9 for a 4-pack). 

This is another favourite cupboard, and is above the oven - my baking tins! The vertical organisers were from Aldi and I've used two here. 

The second pantry has our medicine drawers up the top (from Kmart), then my 4 tubs from IKEA for oils & salts / tins & stocks / extras / weekly meals. The basket down the bottom has biscuits & snack things, which I'd actually like to have less of this year. I try and only buy what I need for the week, and not overfill this cupboard or stockpile. 

The final cupboard is above the fridge and I need a stool to get up here so I've put glassware and plates that I only use for parties. 

And that's the kitchen! It's such a great space for cooking & baking in! 

Just a few pics of the space as a whole...

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