Our Forever Home - The Lounge Room

This is our Lounge Room in our Forever Home! 

We have two living spaces - this one is in the centre of our house - you can enter through the front door, or from the Kitchen. The other room we've called the Living Room, and is part of the Kitchen/Living/Dining space (keep an eye out for future posts on these!)

We've used the 3-seater lounge from the set we purchased from Fantastic Furniture a year ago (the Tivoli range) - the other Living Room has the two two-seaters. 

We often get asked how the beige colour goes with two young kids - it has actually been brilliant! It is vinyl, and is super easy to clean! We've been really impressed actually. 

The coffee table & TV unit were also from Fantastic Furniture and are part of the Sorrento range. The girl's have heavily marked the coffee table but we expected that! I still love the look of it. 

When you enter the house, we have our Kmart hall table here with spare shoes in the baskets (we have most of our shoes in the mudroom which you enter from the garage), and a few decorative items. The green leaf print will eventually go on the wall (I've had this since I was a teenager!) 

This room leads onto the hallway and onto our Bathroom/Loo/Laundry, 4 bedrooms, the mudroom, storage room, garage, and master bedroom. Lots more rooms to blog about! 

I have two of these vases with IKEA flowers in this one (the other is in the Living Room with Kmart flowers). 

In the TV cabinet drawers on the left are the kids dvd's - 

And right are our random cords (that Brendan is keen to keep!) - the girl's can't open these drawers as they are quite heavy but I plan on moving these cords to somewhere high up, just in case they ever can open the drawer, or we have another child over - safety first! 

I know these days everyone has their DVD's on a harddrive or they just use Netflix but we love our DVD collection (this is it except for a few series' that live in the guest room cupboard). We really missed it when we moved towns last year and couldn't display it. We watch movies all the time. These two 4-cube units are perfect for what we want too!

Our family ruler was made by Wooden Decor by Durand and I just love it! As kids we always recorded our heights on a door frame but you can't take them with you, so this is perfect for those who move a lot (which will not be us anymore haha!) but it just looks so effective too!

I'm excited to use our wood fire in winter! Behind the flu is a clock I need to put on the wall. 

I love the colours in our house - we are a big fan of greys (we painted our last house grey!) and any neutral colours as they don't seem to date as quickly (I hope!) 

These built-in shelves can be seen as you enter the house, and so far I have some decorative items and most of our books (minus the kids books). I like how simple it is!

I love how simple and uncluttered this room is, and I'm aiming to keep it that way! 

In the coffee table drawers are 8 Kmart mini plastic tubs, and these are perfect for small toys. I'd prefer not to have toys in this room, but they fit so perfectly in these drawers, and they are super easy to put back. We have cars, animals, dinosaurs, balls, and random toys. 

I have had the red cushions from Target for years, and just purchased the black zig zag cushion and the dog with glasses on from eBay at the end of last year - I love them! I needed this room to match my red bean bag haha! I also love having lamps in a space to make it feel cosy, and I think this room has a really nice feeling about it!

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