Our Forever Home - The Main Bathroom

This is our main bathroom in our forever home! 

It is located almost in the centre of our house, to the right of the front door off the hallway before all the bedrooms (except the office). This is just the girl's bathroom at the moment, or any guests that we might have, as we also have an ensuite (which I'll show you in the next post!) 

It has a deep bath, large vanity with plenty of storage (including behind the mirrors) and a shower. I love the neutral colours, and the amount of space (especially compared to the last two places we've lived in!) The bath runner on the floor seen above is from Lorraine Lea - the size is very handy! 

After not having a bath for the two girl's for most of last year in the town we moved to (we bathed them in a plastic tub in the shower), I am LOVING and really appreciating having such a beautiful bath! 

We try and keep the bath toys to a minimum - I use the IKEA bath storage as seen at the end of the bath, and the girl's also love to bath their dolls, so we have a pink dolls bath as well. 

On the other side of the bathroom is the shower, and a space behind where the door opens for our drying racks and another towel rack (the bathroom only has one towel rack so this will be handy if the girl's ever have to share the bathroom with another guest or if we have more kids. The little hooks on the side of the shower were from a local cheap shop a few years ago. 

Beside the vanity we have an aqua hamper from Kmart which we use for a dirty clothes basket. I don't have a bin in here as there is one very close in the laundry. The stool is handy for Miss M to wash her hands now that she is toilet trained!

On the vanity we have a tin of the girl's hair items (spray, brush, hair bands & bows), hand wash and a built-in toothbrush & toothpaste holder. 

In the two drawers to the left we have the girl's toiletry bags in the top drawer ($1 pencil cases from Kmart), and a replacement heat lamp light down the bottom. 

In the centre of the vanity we have the girl's hair bows up the top, and the diffuser & vaporiser are kept down the bottom (I can't tell you how great it is to finally have space for the vaporiser - it has lived under the cot or under our bed for about 3 years lol!)

In the drawers on the right are all our washers up the top, and some more hair bands/bows down the bottom. The girl's have two towels each, and the spare ones are kept in the linen cupboard. 

When I first saw that the mirrors had storage behind them, I thought that it's not something I'd necessarily pick for a bathroom but I LOVE them! It is so so handy and practical. 
Here we have: spare cups on the left, in the middle I have bath bombs & Epson salts, and then cleaning products down the bottom plus baby oil (the girl's can't reach this shelf). On the right we have a brush up the top, some baby lotion, bubble bath & shampoo, and down the bottom we have the girl's toothbrushing cups, some spare toothpaste and spare bath wash. 

The bathroom is a three-way bathroom with the bathroom on the left, the toilet in the middle and the laundry on the right. I absolutely love this design, and would replicate this/want this again if we did ever more (which we don't plan to!) It means I can easily tidy these rooms which the girl's are in the bath or I can grab a basket of washing to fold. 

The toilet is a nice simple design, and I just have a bin, stool/potty for Miss M, extra toilet rolls, a toilet brush, a fake plant (from Kmart) and some toilet spray. 

And that covers the bathroom and toilet! Next post will go through our ensuite! 

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