Our Forever Home - Master Bedroom

The last space for my 'Forever Home' series is one of my favourite rooms - the Master Bedroom!

Our beautiful bedroom suite was generously given to us and I still love it after 5 years. The sticker above the bed was already here when we moved in and says 'Always Kiss Me Goodnight.' I plan to put some wedding photos and canvases up later on.  

This room is very, very large - I don't think the photos do the space justice! 

The two doors in the background are the ensuite on the left and the walk-in robe on the right. 

This big beautiful window lets in so much light!

In the corner closest to the ensuite, I have a blanket box (which was given to me) and my bamboo ladder which holds my scarves (which I bought from Myer about 8 years ago on clearance). The blanket box has our sheets, spare quilt and spare quilt covers inside, and even though I don't need this as we have plenty of space for linen now, I still really like it and we have the room. 

Click here to read all about our ensuite. 

The black mirror was bought from Kmart about 8 years ago, and it's actually our only full length mirror in the house! 

Our walk-in robe is mainly for Brendan's clothes because he used to have the chest of drawers you'll see a few photos down, but it really wasn't enough space for him (he has work clothes, renovating clothes, running clothes, cycling clothes etc.) and it works better now for him to have this room and for us to be able to close the door if it gets a bit disorganised. 

It has one wall of hanging with 3 cubbies above, and then 3 rows of 5 shelves on the other side. I have my jeans, tops, cardigans and some dresses hanging here, as well as the shelf above with my flannelette pyjamas, tanning clothes, old clothes for painting, and some random items in a basket. The rest of my clothes (big jackets, winter jumpers and more dresses are in the guest room). 

Our beautiful quilt was a birthday gift a few years ago from my Mum and is from Adairs. The European cushion covers were from Target, and the cushions at the front are from Target and Big W. 

The rug on the floor is from Kmart, as is the vase, and the artificial flowers were from Pillow Talk. 

This is Brendan's side of the room, and in his drawers are random cords, items he needs for cycling, spare watches, things for work etc. 

My side table - in the top drawer I used to have my basket of random items that is now in the walk-in (as the girl's used to enjoy going through it!) so I know just have some earphones, my iPod charger, tissues and some pens in the revlon case at the back. 

The next drawer is my summer pyjamas (a few tops are in the wash).

The bottom drawer has autumn/spring pyjamas in case it is oddly cold one night. I've tried to fold these using the 'Konmari method' but these drawers aren't really deep enough to do it properly. 

This is our chest of drawers (which also has a mirror I was storing at my Mum's while we had moved away last year). I've had the same items on top since we were married - a small bird card with a candle, a frame with our first wedding dance, a wooden bowl, a willow tree figure we were given for our wedding, a little wooden boat, and our marriage certificate. The cane basket beside the chest of drawers I was given, and it has fairy lights in it. 

The chest of drawers has most of my clothes - in the bottom two drawers are my shorts on the left, and my house clothes on the right. 

The next two drawers up are my singlets, and long-sleeve tops on the left (that go under clothes in winter - it gets very cold where I live), and on the right is my active wear (tops and tights). 

The top three drawers are my socks and underwear. 

This is looking from the doorway into the room. 

My dressing gowns are on the back of the door to our room. 

And that's it! It's a lovely space and quite easy to keep tidy, especially as it's up the other end of the house than the living rooms and kitchen. 

Last but not least, this is the beautiful view at night from our master bedroom! 

I hope you've enjoyed the 'Our Forever Home' series! 

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