Our Forever Home - Miss O's room

Welcome to Miss O's room! She was 1 in October last year.

I've gone with pastel pinks and greens in her room, and it's a really lovely space. 

The bed in her room actually came with the first house we purchased (we knew the owners). It's a very old single ensemble but is still quite comfy! 

Miss O slept quite well in her bassinet as a newborn but always hated the cot no matter what I seemed to do. She was born almost 10 pounds and has always been a bigger girl (she is 15 months now but definitely looks about 18 months plus), and when we moved into our forever home, rather than set up the cot and not have her sleep in it anyway, we decided to try her in a big bed. Immediately she slept better! We have a pool noodle under the fitted sheet and a cot rail so it's very safe, but she's able to get herself out of the bed anyway. 

The quilt cover is from Kmart and is just beautiful! The strawberry, teardrop and bird cushions are from Kmart, and the square butterfly pillow is from Big W. The bedside table/stool is from Kmart, as is the ice cream light. The curtains are a gorgeous gingham patter and were generously given to me by my cousin in Newcastle. 

Miss O's bunting was made by my talented friend's mum, and the amazing quilt was made by another friend (she received it when she was born and it's just such a special keepsake!)

The rocking horse was given to us by the girl's aunty (originally for Miss M) but I think I've seen them at Kmart or Big W. The fairy lights were from The Reject Shop. 

I have always consistently used a change table for both girls but this is our third one since Miss M was born - the other two were plastic and served the purpose but I always wanted a nice change table with drawers for storage! This was off a local buy swap and sell site (but the seller was Brendan's cousin!) and it's been so good. 

In the drawers we have: 
 - top drawer: nappy bags, bin bags, wipes, sudocream and disposable change mats for travelling
- second drawer: nappies
- third drawer: baby blankets

The rocking chair was also off a local buy swap and sell site, the bin and lantern were from The Reject Shop, and the print & pom pom garland were from Kmart. 

Inside Miss O's built-ins we have:
 - spare cushions
- her keepsake box
- 1 set of summer sheets
- 1 spare quilt
- 1 set of flanellette sheets (I need to buy another set when I see them on special)
- a spare backpack
- her suitcase
- a few spare baby quilts
- her name blocks from Kmart (I'd like these on display but I don't currently have anywhere to put them)
- her Noah's ark wooden toy (I need to put this in the toyroom actually)
- her swimmers
- her winter tights & long sleeve shirts
- her suits
- her tops & shorts
- her daycare clothes
- socks, tights, nappy covers
- Bonds suits
- pyjamas
- her shoes 
- cardigans, jackets, dresses & skirts hanging
- a fabric basket for clothes that are too small to be stored away in our tubs
- her school filing tub

It was fun to decorate both the girl's room, but Miss O's I did from scratch as she has shared with Miss M until we moved into our forever home. I'm so happy with how it's come together! 

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