Our Forever Home - Toyroom

Here is another great feature of our forever home - the toyroom!

I've always wanted a room for the kids to play in, and a place to store all their toys, as previously we've had to have them in the loungeroom or in their bedrooms. 

This room was almost purpose built for a toyroom, as it's an extra room off the dining area, which is right near the kitchen, living and outdoor areas, meaning the kids actually play in here, as it's close to where I usually potter around. 

I have put up our clipboards (only $2.50 each from Kmart) on one wall (and I plan to do the same on the other wall) so that we can display the kids artwork, and we also have our 'Today is' laminated sign where we can change the day, date, month, weather and season each day. 

I was very lucky to find these 2 4-cube units on buy swap and sell for only $10 each, and I purchased the 2x4 cube from Target. These are perfect for displaying our toys, and the smaller shelf means we have a surface the kids can reach to access their toys (and now they aren't on the floor).

Most of our toys we were given! My favourites are definitely all the wooden toys. I actually think there are far too many in here at the moment so another declutter is in store!

We have Peppa Pig toys, Noah's Ark, stacking blocks, a doctor's kit, picnic set, tea set, blocks, another stacking set, a cash register, little people cars, a Tupperware shape sorter, learning cube, 2 phones, and more Peppa Pig toys down the bottom. 

In the next shelf along we have a mega blocks castle, little people doll house, and a wooden doll house. In the open cubes we have books, little people accessories/dolls, stacking cubes/blocks and a truck I made when I was in year 8! 

In the fabric cubes we have dolls items, barbies, the wooden doll house accessories and a miscellaneous tub (with a Mr Potato Head for example). 

A friend of mine made me the bunting, I just love it! 

Our IKEA kitchen is one of the most used things in our toyroom! All the accessories on it were either from Kmart or IKEA. The tea towel was from Big W. 

Another look at our cube units!

The pink rug was originally in Miss M's room and was from Kmart. 

Next to the windows at the back of the room we have our bookcase and 2 fold-out lounges, both from Kmart. 

Miss M and Miss O love to read, so this area is used often. The wooden rainbow on top of the bookcase was from Kmart. 

I was given the tee-pee and it's been living at my Mum's until we had enough room for it! I think it was from Target. There are soft toys in the basket beside the tee pee. 

In the tee pee we currently have a Mocka soft cat, and an IKEA dolls bed. The girl's love playing with their dolls, especially the bed, pram and highchair. 

In the far corner we have a push along ball shooting machine (no idea what it's called!), and our dress up area. The bag and hat tree was from Kmart, and the dress-up rack was a repurposed towel rack. 

I have found all the dress-ups either very cheaply, from the op shop or we've been given them. The little truck at the end is from Mocka and we were also given - is can be ridden and is a shape sorter too. 

The best part about this room and where it is in the house is that if it gets messy, I can just shut the doors, and also, once the girl's are older and no longer need or want a toyroom, we can use this room as an office or homework room, and even a media/cinema room down the track! 

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