Valentine's Day Activities 2018

I love looking through Pinterest for themed activities so that we can celebrate fun days like Valentine's Day!

The first craft we had fun with was a pasting craft - I cut lots of little hearts out of yellow, pink, purple and red paper, and then the girl's stuck these to a white piece of paper and I extended Miss M (3 years old) by having her stick some hearts onto drawn on 'stems' to create a bunch of heart-flowers or heart-balloons. 

They turned out really well!

Then I cut out a bigger red heart, and Miss M helped me create bouncy legs and arms by folding paper into a concertina pattern, then we stapled them to the body, added some googly eyes and a face, and some hearts for the hands and feet. So cute!  

The girl's made some cute Valentine's Day cards at playgroup, creating a bee with their feet in yellow paint, some texta and googly eyes. So sweet! 

This is our Valentine's themed artwork wall in our playroom using Masonite clip boards!

Miss O (16 months old) made these cute heart people at daycare today!

We also enjoyed reading lots of books about love! 

For afternoon tea we made pink milk with marshmallows & sprinkles, and melted some milk and white chocolate into heart-shaped silicone moulds to create sweet little heart-shaped chocolates! 

Miss M definitely enjoyed her afternoon treat! (How cute is my love heart bunting in the background?!) 

We bagged up some of the chocolates for Brendan to give to him with one of the cards - how good are homemade gifts! 

I hope you've enjoyed our Valentine's Day Fun this year - for last year's activities, click here

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