Getting organised the night before - a handy tip!

Something I’ve been doing this year to make life easier is making 4 serves of dinner (plus a bit extra for the girl’s) so that Brendan and I have leftovers every day for lunch.

I found I was snacking at lunchtime rather than having a proper meal (and therefore snacking lots throughout the afternoon because I was still hungry) and I also really don’t like wondering what to have every day, so by having leftovers I’m getting a healthy meal without having to prepare anything or think about what to have!

I know lots of people already do this but I never have before and it’s been a real game changer for our family! It also is a lifesaver if I get a casual teaching call in the morning as my lunch is already ready to go.

If we have daycare & preschool the next day I usually make lunchboxes while I’m doing dinner as well.

Lunchboxes are Yumboxes, and drinkbottles are from Kathmandu (I absolutely love these drinkbottles - they don't spill and are easy to clean, and easy for very young kids to drink from!)

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