A new tradition for Mother’s & Father’s Days

Last year I
purchased these 2 notebooks to create a new tradition for Mother’s and Father’s Days! I’m going to get each of the girl’s to write or draw (or both - whatever they can do for their age at the time!) a special picture or message to me on Mother’s Day in the pink with gold polka dots notebook & one to Brendan on Father’s Day in the black leather-look notebook with the date and their age, and they can surprise us with it each year. It’ll be such a treasured collection of beautiful pictures and messages as they grow each year, and so special to look back on! 

If you have older kids, it’s never too late to start! The notebooks I purchased were only $4 each from Kmart and they have so many gorgeous covers! Padtastic also have a new range of personalised notebooks now, which you could get printed with Mum or Dad on the front, or a special quote - what a special gift to receive on Mother's or Father's Day!

In 2018 Mother's Day is the 13th May, and Father's Day is 2nd September. 

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