[Organise My Home] Pyjama Boxes

We have new ‘pyjama boxes’ in our main bathroom, thanks to an idea by ‘On the Way to Being Organised’ on Facebook.

The plan is that the girl’s (currently aged 3 and 20 months) will place their pj’s back into their drawer each morning, and they’ll be ready to go after their bath each night.

I also have singlets, undies/nappies and socks in here. The bottom two drawers have their ugg boots in them at the moment.

These drawers were from BIG W and stack on top of each other nicely, and were only $8 each! They’d be perfect for medicine cabinet drawers too, or if you grabbed 5 and stacked them in a kid's room or built-in cupboard, you could place clothes or uniforms for each day of the week! They also had larger sizes too.

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