A new buffet!

We have a new addition to our home today - a buffet unit! I’ve been looking for something like this for awhile - we used to use a kitchen trolley and hat rack but I found it was always untidy. Our high chairs used to be where our buffet unit is now but we haven’t been using high chairs for awhile so they will be able to be stored in the shed. 

This is how our dining room looks - much more complete than before! I would still like to add a fake tall fiddle leaf plant in a natural/woven basket eventually. We've kept one highchair in the space for any visitors with babies. 

Inside the cupboard are all the items that used to be stored on the kitchen trolley we had. From left-right are: 

- the kids gumboots
- the kids thongs
- beanies & scarves
- hats
- sunscreen & bug spray

In the drawers are bibs, nappies, sunnies for outside and some handcream. 

On top I have a fake plant from Kmart, a thankyou brand hand lotion and hand sanitiser, some wipes, tissues and my Leanne Baker Daily planner displayed on a wooden tablet holder also from Kmart. 

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